Document Management (oooh—that sounds complicated!)

Nope.  “Doc Man” (what we call Document Management) is not complicated.  In fact, it’s really easy with Square 9 Document Management Software!

What’s COMPLICATED is when you have a room full of file folders and you need to find a document from five years ago, right now.  Or, if a 3″ rain floods the basement and ten years of files end up in a pulpy mess.  Or, six people from four offices want the same info and no one knows where to start.  THAT is complicated!

Today, accessing, storing and managing business documents is probably the biggest challenge facing business.

Square 9” puts total document management control into the hands of its owner.  And that ‘owner’ doesn’t have to be a huge company!  Even small firms of two, three people can put Square 9 to work efficiently and affordably.  In fact, COUNSEL is ready to provide any business a quick, no-cost, no-obligation demo.  Square 9 works like a charm and once you see how much time, energy and money can be saved, chances are good you’ll be charmed, too!

As for getting your Documents INTO your system, COUNSEL is an authorized dealer of (amazing) Panasonic scanners!