COUNSEL is the Region’s* #1 dealer of Ricoh office printers and technology!

Technically, COUNSEL represents the entire Ricoh “Family Group” of Ricoh, Lanier and Savin printers.  But what does that mean for our customers?!

Well, it means that we put the highest rated, most economical, reliable and trustworthy tech in its place—your place of business!   Ricoh equipment lasts longer, works faster and at the end of the day, costs less than just about any piece of office technology in the Region!

If this claim sounds a little brash for you, COUNSEL will back it up with a free technology audit.  We’ll compare our office printing equipment and service against what you’re currently receiving and if we can’t beat it, we’ll buy donuts* for your office (and your time) and be on our way.  But if we CAN, your office, big or small, will have the best tech with the best service at the best possible price.  And we’ll still buy donuts!

And of course, if you want to know more about Ricoh® awesomeness, click here.

*That’d be Siouxland, Western and Central Iowa, Northern Missouri, Southeast South Dakota, Southern Minnesota, Northeast Nebraska… we get around!