Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What are your standard hours of operation? Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm
  2. Why is my service rate going up? Due to constant increase in overhead, we increase our service rates minimally on a annual basis There is a notification on the invoice the month before the rate is adjusted.
  3. What are your average service response times? On average our service response time is under 4 hours, therefore if you call us before noon, we will generally be there that day. If you call us after noon, we will be there the following day.
  4. How do I contact for service and/or supplies? You can log into our website and place either of these. Or email or for service.
  5. How do I add a new employee to the address book? Attached are the instructions on how to add a person to scan to email.
  6. Can the technician deliver the toner I need? No. The techs do not carry supplies in their vehicles as their priority is to fix equipment. If they utilized their car space for supplies, it would inhibit their ability to fix equipment on a timely basis. If there is an emergency need for toner, please call the 800 number and we will do our best to meet your needs.
  7. How long will it take before we receive our toner order? Order are shipped UPS, generally they are received the next business day.
  8. How do I look on the website to find my outstanding Invoices? After you have completed the New User signup, click on the “Log in for Service & Supply” on our website and enter your user name (email address) and password. You can see your balance owed. In rare cases, this option might not be activated. If so, please contact the office and we will activate this feature.
  9. How do I read my invoices? Link to a PDF with arrows explaining the layout
  10. Why isn’t my meter showing up online while trying to respond to the email reading requests? It may not be due yet. Contact us and your billing date may not be the same as the request date in our system.
  11. Which print driver should I use and will you assist me with installing that on my new computer? Yes. There is no single answer and it all depends on the type of computer (Mac or Windows) and what version of software you are running. Call and set up an appointment so this can be handled remotely. See answer #12 for more details.
  12. We bought/installed a new computer . Why isn’t the installation of print drivers/scanning and/or scanning to email /folders covered under my maintenance contract?   Your maintenance contract covers service on your Multi Function Devices (MFD) that was in-place at the time of installation. Any new equipment /employees/computers/software/internet providers added after installation could affect the performance of the MFD. As a result, if the performance of the MFD has been affected through your activities, then this becomes a chargeable event.   We offer a Support Agreement for unlimited remote support for $7.50/month per MFD. On-Site support is billed at our normal labor rate.
  13. How do I log into the web image monitor? You enter in the IP address of the printer into the web browser. Don’t use WWW or .com.  The default Login is “admin” and the password is left blank.
  14. My existing scan-to folder no longer works and how do I fix this? If your password or internet provider has changed or if your computer software has changed, this will cause your scanning function to not work properly. Again, a remote support agreement is highly recommended – please refer to answer #12.
  15. How do I add more destinations to my scanner?   We will set up any and all destinations at the time of equipment installation. However, should you require additional destinations, this is a chargeable event as previously described in answer #12. If you are constantly requiring additional destinations, a remote support agreement is highly recommended.
  16. Can I do mobile printing to my printer? The new Ricoh models have this option built into the software. If you have an older model that doesn’t have the software, you may need to download the app on your phone/tablet called Smart Device Print&Scan. You must have a wireless network to utilize this option. We can come onsite and set it up for you at our standard billing rates 
  17. How do you print a mail merge in Microsoft Publisher or any other software?   Please contact the software company’s technical support.
  18. Can I still fax/email/phone in my meter reading instead of inputting in online? Yes.
  19. What is Document Management and do you offer these services? Yes we do and it is management of your documents electronically by scanning them into a computer, rather than filing them in a cabinet. You save time, money, security of data and office space by using Document Management Software. We are selling affordable software solutions that fit your size of business.
  20. Do you offer 3D printing? Yes. See the “Partners and Support” link on the front page of our webpage and click on MakerBot. 
  21. What types of paper can I run through my copier? Different models have different specs. You want to use the appropriate m/g2 (not the pound amount) that can be found in the Owners Manual (CD format) under Specifications. This manual came with your machine when we delivered and installed the equipment. You can also find a the manual at
  22. What options are available at the end of the lease? You can purchase it for fair market value, upgrade the machine, rewrite the existing lease (pending age of the machine) at a reduced monthly payment or let the lease renew.
  23. Who is my sales rep and how can I contact them? Our reps are assigned by geographic territory. Click on the “Contact Us” tab and we will get that information to you.
  24. How do I get a copy of my lease or maintenance agreement? Contact your sales rep.