3D Printers – you WANT one (but do you need one?)

Cool tech is always cool.  Cool tech is not always necessary.  But, cool tech is CRUCIAL for some!

Everything you may have heard about 3D Printers is probably true—they print three dimensional objects that are created using dedicated software.  Parts, prototypes, medical devices; there’s very little 3D printers can’t do.

COUNSEL is the area’s provider of MakerBot 3D technology.  Users who are realizing the cost-efficiency promise of 3D printers include engineering firms, industrial design studios, med-tech companies and manufacturers.  3D printers save these companies (many) thousands of dollars in prototyping and getting to the marketplace quicker.

Not sure you can realize the 3D dream?  Give us a call.  We’ll talk through your needs, options and provide the solution that puts 3D technology in its proper place in your office!

Click here to have a look at our short (:22 seconds)  promotional video!